High Tech Toilet – Only thing it doesn’t do is wipe your butt




The rich in the Los Angeles area are slowly discovering the high tech toilet that does pretty much everything except wipe your butt for you.

What does it do for you?

Well this toilet does everything for you. It reduces the unbearable odor that might come after using the toilet. Consider that for a benefit. No more air freshener. Another benefit  of this luxury item is that it has one of the best features ever. You can play music and dim your lights if you have one of those mornings. Mornings can be tough if your body is simply not use to it. But consider yourself playing music in the bathroom for your shower and/or tooth brushing session. Furthermore, The fact that it is water efficient  does not waste a single drop. Uses the right amount of water to get the job done right. Finally, for the lazy folks out there, automatic flusher.


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