Have you heard of the 300$ house?

Its amazing how many people living in on the streets can try to get a place for 300$. Almost all homeless people beg for money in the United States. With that said, consider how many more of them walk around and collect cans. Collecting cans and begging for money can lead them to save 2 dollars a day for 6 months. Consider that for a second. 365 – 6 month = 185 days. If you can save 2 dollars a day for 6 month you can ensure yourself a 300$ plus for the job. After this, you can have approximately 360$ and that can help you get a higher end 300$ house. 

Here is a website: (http://www.300house.com/concept.html) that offers a concept for the work. 



If this came to the states, we will for sure be out of a business, but i can see it working in 3rd world countries like South America, Africa, and some Middle East countries.