Tips for Energy Efficient homes.

Energy efficiency is very important in a energy driven society like ours. So what can we do to help reduce our costs and save money while not limiting our electrical needs?

There are three products that can help you reduce your dependence on your electricity company and focus more on enjoying the finer things in life.

The KICBOX is an little box that connects to your power supply and it regulates all motorized appliance for energy efficiency. The factor specifics suggestions up to 25% off your electricity bill.


Solar panels are another great way to reduce your dependence on your energy company. Solar panels have the potential to save you up to 50% off your electricity bill. Consider that for a second. Big investment into your house can help increase the value of your home and reduce your dependence on your electricity company and lower your electricity bill. Wow that’s something else. With the technology maturing over time, and government incentives, this is the best time to purchase your solar panel system.


Finally, Gray water system is a system used to recycle the water that is used in the house and reused for the lawn. This is a great system because most of the water we use is resent back to the water company through the city piping and back to the filtration center. With Gray water system, the water gets funneled into a holding place usually placed in the garage and from there you use the water to water the lawn, flowers, etc.


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