What to think about when planning your kitchen remodeling

Kitchen remodeling projects are one of the most difficult projects to get done if you are not a professional contractor. Even Professional contractors tend to screw things up when it comes to kitchen remodeling.

What you need to consider when you are remodeling your kitchen:

I would not normally recommend remodeling your kitchen on your own. DIY does not involve kitchen remodeling in my head. you can try changing your flooring, or maybe work with a plumber to teach you to do small plumbing around the house, but kitchen is something serious.

To take kitchen remodeling from the beginning, you must first demolish in your existing kitchen. That means tearing down the cabinets and countertops and anything that has to do with the kitchen (islands etc). After that you must measure and design your cabinets. Cabinets are the most difficult part of the project. A good designer will use the space efficiently and design the most compartments for the space you have. There are existing cabinets you can buy from HOME DEPOT but they are not as good as custom designs.

After you design your cabinets, you must attempt to build it. This is where a contractor comes in. They can do the job professionally and results can look amazing. A good contractor out of Los Angeles, CA can get it done at remarkable rates. Check them out at for your kitchen remodeling project. After you have built the cabinets, finishing and counter top preparation is needed. Painting the cabinets the color of choice and painting techniques is up to the person that designed it. The customer usually can show you examples of products that they think looks good and how they want there kitchen to look like.

Soon after, follows the counter tops Custom kitchens require custom cut counter tops to match the style and shape of the counters. Its amazing how much costs can arise if not done properly. These are expensive materials that need to be done right the first time around or you will have to buy new ones. Once you put the counter tops correctly and everything looks great, then you have to work with the plumbing that came with it. Most people plan ahead and figure out what needs to be done with the piping. The connecting of the pipes for water and gas lines should be first on the planning list.

Finally, you come to the fixtures, lighting, flooring and if you consider doing a back splash. The most important thing to consider is who to hire to get the job done right. For lighting, you need a good electrician. Electricians can install recession lighting for great prices in today’s economy. For flooring and backslash consider getting getting an expert for this. Its very hard to get the flooring even and accurate. Time consumption is not the only problem. It looks easy but it takes time and slows down the rest of the project.

The end result of kitchen remodeling projects looks amazing if done right. Consider professionals or try it yourself. Either way, expect lots of work if you try it yourself and money spent if you hire a professional. check out SOCAL blog for more kitchen information and updates.


One thought on “What to think about when planning your kitchen remodeling

  1. The Professional contractors only can Remodel the Kitchen and Bathroom works very perfectly.While doing a Kitchen Remodeling there are so many works to do first we must get the Good Professional Contractors.Most of the contractors will have their own Plumbers , Electricians and Carpenters.Kitchen remodeling ideas is very tricky and as well hard to put down on building designs.

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