Martin Luther King’s Day Special

Martin Luther king was a man of great words. He was a man with a cause that struggled and died preaching his good words to his people and did not see the day his dream became a reality. Every year we remember this man and all the hard work he has done to unite this country and end racial segregation. There were many African American hero’s that struggled to bring unity and justice for all people, but Martin Luther King was the man that took this and expanded the cause. Till the very last day, Martin Luther King fought for his cause until his assassination on April 4th, 1968. The speech that he was most known for is    “I have a dream”. His words force the successful business individuals that ran this country to listen to him until he was eventually assassinated.

Here at SoCal Preferred Builders, We to remember his hard work and determination to provide equal rights to all people in the United States.  Our company is offering specials on home remodeling for homeowners who value what he has been through. Make sure to mention Martin Luther King and our website and receive up to 10% off your initial price. I mean consider 25k project you get to save 250$. That’s amazing right!

Trust your home improvement project with the finest contractor in all of Los Angeles. Check out for your next remodeling project.



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