Building a better world?

What most people don’t understand about Home improvement/Remodeling is that all we want is a better world. A world of comfort and safety. A world of prestige and honor. As an viable person of my community, I tend to value the place i live in. Like most people i have to argue i too do value there community and neighborhood. Even the people that absolutely don’t care have some pride in where they came from. 

As society changes and develops, so does our practices as home improvement/remodeling experts. Here in the United States, and specifically in California  we focus on persuading homeowners to take the next step and consider remodeling. There are hundreds and thousands of homes that are in direr need of remodeling. What stops people from taking the next step and remodeling their homes? financial pressure!

What homeowners need to understand is there are programs available to help reduce the costs and increase the value of the job. Consider this for a second. The state of California offers rebates and special programs to help homeowners upgrade their homes. The state of california is paying up to 10,000$ for full solar panel upgrades. There are special handyman services that the LA area offers that help low income families upgrade there insulation, windows and doors. Small upgrades can help the state save money on energy and help homeowners increase the value of their homes. 

Consider this for a second, if you upgrade your neighborhood and everyone is on the same boat, then the whole neighborhood would look and feel much better than what it was before. What i am trying to say is, when you do choose to sell your house, the value would have increased and you would have had all the money you spent on your house and more back to you. 

Remodel today and every day you enter your house you will feel amazing.




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