Vinyl Fencing

Socal preferred builders has established itself as a reputable company that does Vinyl fencing for residential homes. Socal preferred builders has been in remodeling for over 10 years and has taken an early adoption to Vinyl fencing.

What are the Benefits?

There are so many benefits for vinyl. Traditional wood fencing has for outside purposes tends to rot from rain and other weather conditions. It needs paint from time to time and always is victim to termites and other insects that eat at the wood and destroy the fence.

Vinyl fencing is safe from all weatherization issues that affect materials such as metal and wood. Metal tends to rust and wood has a list of its own faults. Vinyl fencing is a one time installation and that’s all you have to worry about. Its clean, doesn’t require painting. It does not rust, rot, or get damaged unless it was done intentionally.

Most vinyl fencing distributors, like socal preferred builders offer a life time warranty for the materials used. Professional installation at fraction of the cost.



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